Where it all started…

The Business Executive Society of Tomorrow was founded in 1998 right here in Shilder. Our founding president, Brad Araki, founded the club alongside our 10 other founders: Jill Asukura, Wai-O Hui, Reiko Lin, Leslie Menor, Michael Nakamoto, Melissa Proctor, Leighton Tamura, Blake Yoshimura, Colin Yu and Waynele Yu. They started the organization to create a platform for students of all majors to connect with professionals in the local business community and create a bond with other students in Shidler, allowing them to grow personally and professionally.

20 years later, and BEST is still built on the same foundation. In addition, we have built a profound network of alumni and continue to maintain strong alumni relations, something BEST prides itself on.



We are committed to staying connected to our BEST Alumni. Please use this page to stay connected to BEST and make sure we have your most recent information!

Once a BESTie, Always a BESTie



We encourage all of our alumni to come out to meet and interact with our current BESTies! Please use this tab to keep up-to-date with all upcoming and events. BEST prides itself on its strong alumni connections so please help us keep the legacy going!